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Finds specified religious terms inside the bible
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Linda Irby This tool is superb, accurate, and amazing! I love using this search engine. Pick any thought and you can and will find it in the bible. Thank you so much for the tool to always want to search God's word first.

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Rod Weisner Necessary software for your computer!

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JOHN C MOSES I've been listening to Pastor Hoggard for some time now and have grown to love what God has done thru the developer.

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Julie Webster-Smith Best Bible software. Easy to use. Has the 1928 Webster's Dictionary right there on the screen. Make it easy to understand old English words.

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L Great bible search program

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T Fox Not only do I love this because it is King James ONLY, but because it has the 1828 Webster's Dictionary included on the same screen. That's everything I need right there. It's fast, efficient and includes numerical items of interest that keep me hunting longer and deeper than I would otherwise. I love it and wish everyone I loved would take advantage of it too.

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Karen Excellent software!

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WILFORD WOUDEN I like it very much.

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Kittie I positively love this program, and if I could only download one thing on my computer, it would be this one! It has opened up the whole world for me, and I have come to a brand new and intense understanding of the Great Master I so willingly and gratefully get to serve. It has made my faith grow by leaps and bounds in such a short time by experiencing the easy to follow patterns and flows throughout His Holy Word that no way any group of geniuses could ever have come up with on their own. Thank you!

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Guest This software has been wonderful at my teaching and learning. Very easy to use.
I love it!

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Anna Ben

Anna Ben I downloaded this King James Pure Bible Search Software and I must say it is the best software ever!

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